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RedHawk Records
The culmination of a select group of today’s most talented industry professionals joined together with the single purpose of providing recording Artists with a full service platform, which leverages both traditional, and new media recording and promotion.

Co-founded by multi-platinum selling recording artist and 25 year veteran of the music industry Frank Hannon (Hannon Music, Inc.), he shares his vast experience in the recording studio, video production, digital marketing, radio promotion and world wide touring. Having been signed to a major label in the mid 1980’s Frank is excited to see the industry continuing to progress for the positive, giving greater control to the artists themselves.

Artistic Freedom is the foundation of the RedHawk philosophy. Our team of first-class producers, engineers, graphic artists and multi-media marketing professionals are focused on bringing new and creative music to the masses.

Today's fast paced and evolving musical landscape requires a modern record label to be able to quickly adapt and be at the forefront of new trends and technologies. RedHawk Records fully embraces the digital world while honoring the quality of craftsmanship shown to us by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and a host of others that have shaped generations through the power of their music.

Are you ready for RedHawk to make it real?

Recent Releases

RedHawk Records proudly brings you "The Dirt Nap Band".
A blend of bluegrass, Country and Americana, this contemporary outfit writes songs of truth and lore; these songs are unintentionally timeless. Available for download now at iTunes.

"What a fun, rich sound! Definitely a nice departure from some of the noise out there today. You can really tell that these boys are in it for the love of the music." *****