Frank Hannon will help you take your songs from rough ideas to a finished mastered disc.

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The true art to recording is “listening” and over dubbing textures to complement each other is what multi – tracking is all about. The studio uses a (Trident) TOFT 32 channel audio console and various other class A Mic preamps, LA 2A compressors and Pro Tools as well as implementing real “live” ambient room textures to the sound of authentic instruments using vintage microphones.

“Artistic Freedom is the foundation of the RedHawk philosophy. Our team of first-class producers, engineers, graphic artists and multi-media marketing professionals are focused on helping you bring your new and creative music to the masses.”
– Frank Hannon


A producer’s role to a band in the studio is like a coach’s role to a successful team on the field…an outsider’s perspective giving objective artistic feedback to help the artist create their best recording. Over the years, Frank Hannon has worked side-by-side with some of the best producers in the business including Terry Thomas, Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero.


Video production has become a main driving force in reaching the music. Kelly Smith leads our video team with the assistance of Frank Hannon. Kelly has filmed and produced several of Frank’s videos such as “New York City“, “Born Free“, “Electric Chair” and more.


Frank Hannon
Founder / Producer

Duane serfass
Marketing Director

Terry (TC) Coulombe
Social Media Director

Kelly Smith

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